01.04.2016– 29.04.2016


We are happy to announce Ivan Honchar Museum as the theme and the location of the Place Making & Building Transformation workshop. 

CURATOR:Theo Hauben / HAU|Hauben architecture & urbanism / the Netherlands


This workshop is about the publicness of space in Kiev. Rather than focusing on the physical properties of public spaces, this workshop will scrutinize public space uses and the functions they hold in the lives of the citizens.

More info and the application process:…/canaction…/workshop/5/about



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20.03.2016– 21.05.2016

CANactions 2016

Subject of the CANactions 2016: 


Dates of CANactions 2016:

May 19-21

Curator of the IAF CANactions 2016:

Theo Hauben / HAU / the Netherlands

10.03.2016– 24.04.2016


GEBERIT with CANactions invites young architects and designers to contribute to the development of sustainable public street toilets for Ukrainian cities within STREET GEBERIT: Всеукраїнський конкурс (March 10, 2016 - April 21, 2016)

The need for sanitation in urban areas is obvious. Inappropriate sanitation can be damaging to human health and the environment. Especially in urban areas, where public toilets are more common.
Innovative design improvements in public toilets and new ways of recycling will help governments and their partners to meet the enormous challenge of providing quality services to public sanitation.

Organizer: GEBERIT - The European leader in the field of sanitary products.

Co-organizer: CANactions - interdisciplinary urban research platform.

Partners: Zhytomyr City Council.

First place - 30 000 UAH and the realisation of the project
Second place - 15 000 UAH
Third place - 7000 UAH
Audience Award - 5000 UAH

Who can participate:

The competition is open to persons under 35 years, who are citizens of Ukraine, from students to skilled architects and designers.

More information  THERE


29.02.2016– 21.05.2016


Competition will take place for the ninth time in a frame of the International Architectural Festival CANactions 2016.

Applications for can be submitted from February 29 till April 13 23:59 (Kyiv time).

The competition is open for:

• students and graduates of Architectural departments of Ukrainian institutions of higher education, specialization - Architecture

• age restriction - up to 35 years, inclusively

• Bachelor's degree is necessary

• number of projects from one author is not limited

• the theme of projects is not limited

• individual membership or stuff is permitted

Among the awards are:

- the opportunity to study in DIA (Dessau Institute of Architecture) to get Master Degree - Germany,

- participation in workshops EASA - Lithuania

- participation in workshop Hello Wood 2016- Hungary.


- to fill the application form

- to send the project by e-mail:

More info

Waiting for your apply!


11.11.2015– 03.01.2016

CANactions School for Urban Studies launches an international open call for STUDIO #2

Among our students we would like to see talented and ambitious agents of change who are ready to initiate urban projects and implement real transformations in Ukrainian cities. The topic of the STUDIO #2 is ‘Tackling the Future of Ukrainian (Post)industrial Cities’

Theme:Tackling the Future of Ukrainian (Post)industrial Cities

Dates:February 15 – May 21, 2016

Curator:Urs Thomann, CH

Tuition fee:11 800 UAH

Application deadline:January 3, 2016

Do (post)industrial cities of Ukraine have a future?Have they truly become post- or do they still remain industrial?How to take a step forward from a utopian Soviet past to a contemporary city without the utopian pretense?

The STUDIO #2 participants will be working on finding answers to these questions and raising new ones through developing strategic scenarios and tactical proposals for Kramatorsk – an Eastern Ukrainian city which has been chosen for our case study.

The students will get an opportunity to present their results at the annual CANactions International Architecture Festival in May, 2016.

Want to apply? Read more on our website:




You have one more chance to become a member of first urban school in Ukraine CANactions School for Urban Studies: Studio#1.

By popular demand, we continue to accept applications until 10 August 2015



28 липня о 20:00 архітектор Віктор Зотов прочитає лекцію про урбаністику, а також разом із командою фестивалю презентує CANactions School for Urban Studies: Open call for Studio #1

А після заходу сонця розпочнеться кінопоказ «Берлін – симфонія великого міста» (1927).


21.07.2015– 10.08.2015

Win a GRANT!

First in Ukraine urban school declares accepting applications for grant in CANactions School for Urban Studies Studio#1.

We will give a grant to study free for citizens of Ukraine, who have experience of successful social projects and seek to join team, which will develop strategy for one of the cities in Ukraine.


(must contain personal details, education, level of English, and also your experince in urban projects, participation in social and cultural projects, workshops, master-classes, educational programs etc.)

Motivation letter

should describe why exactly you want to win a grant and become Studio#1 participant, your vision of professional activities after the graduation from Studio#1


must contain examples of your design, architectural or urban projects, extracts from your written reports, publications, research and analytical work etc. Portfolio have to contain up to 5 projects, no more than 10 pages overall, and should not exceed 20 MB. Each project must be signed with title, year, explanation, significance and amount of work the candidate has conducted for the project.

Scan-copy of passport

Scan-copy of University Diploma. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's degree

The application deadline is August 10, 2015.

The required documents must be sent via e-mail:

More details:


15.07.2015– 21.07.2015

Presentations of CANactions School for Urban Studies" in КHARKIV, DNIPROPETROVSK and LVIV

Dear friends,

we invite everyone to visit public presentations of CANactions School for Urban Studies" in КHARKIV, DNIPROPETROVSK and LVIV.


July 15, 19:00-20:00


Freedom Square, 4


July 16, 14:00

"GoodZone hotel" Dnipropetrovsk region

Novomoskovskiy district, Peschanka,

Chkalov st., 70


July 21, 17:30

House of the Architect,

Pidvalna st. 4



"Твоє місце в місті"


запрошуємо всіх на літній ЧЕТВЕР в рамках CANactions - "Твоє місце в місті"!

Час і місце проведення:
13 липня, о 19:00
Київ, вул. Б. Грінченка, 7 
Будинок архітектора (приміщення Архітектурного клубу)


Раді приймати в гостях бельгійську команду Toestand.

Організація Toestand займається відновленням закинутих (публічних) приміщень та територій за допомогою облаштування тимчасових і автономних соціо-культурних центрів.
Вони розкажуть про свою діяльність в Бельгії та поділяться позитивним досвідом реалізації проектів в Україні.
Також учасниками дискусії стануть:
- міжнародний урбаністичний проект Transformersss
- ГО Культурний Діалог, м. Кременчук
- Communa ASBL - організація з Брюселю
- Empty Space - соціальний стартап
- urban куратори

Приходьте та приводьте друзів!



Open Call for CANactions School

Dear friends,

we are finally ready to share some absolutely GREAT NEWS with you – the open-call for participants of the 1st Studio of CANactions School for Urban Studies is launched!

> if you are young, active and enthusiastic about changing your city into a better place to live in; 

> if you have a relevant Bachelor degree (in Architecture, Urban Design, Engineering, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics and other Social Sciences) and are interested in urban development issues;
> if you are ready for a truly intensive 3.5 month-long work on a city strategy through real-life projects in an international interdisciplinary team curated by Urs Thomann

– then this is exactly the opportunity you were looking for!

In a short period of time you will get invaluable skills and experience in managing urban development projects, as well as will build unique network of bright professionals and partners. 
Our belief is that the time for new urban specialists, who are able to manage large-scale city projects in a professional and rational way, has finally come. 
Be the first! APPLY to CANactions School now!
Follow the link for details:



The results of Map Me Happy

Scoping phase of the project Map me happy was already done and it is a time to sum up a results. 

4 Community mapping sessions were successfully realised on different plots in Kyiv: Kontraktova square,Mykhailivska Square, Art-factory on Telychka in the frame of CANactions festival and Pushkin's park in the frame ofPro місто festival.

Thanks to our hard-working volunteers during these sessions we collected appr. 850 questionnaires and we are planing to download them on specially designed website.

Wouldn't go amiss, we had as pollees adults and children, authorities and ordinary people, our good friends and unknown people, militaries, artist, sportsmen and others. Our team realized that our Map can link people and be a place where everyone can be heard.

Follow the news - next steps will be realized soon!

FB: Map Me Happy



The results of Workshop "TELYCHKA - a place to сare" 2015

For the second time СANactions held the International Workshop dedicated to the revitalization of Telychka area.

The results of last year workshop have gained the considerable resonance:

> attracted the public attention to the abandoned area

> revealed the potential of this area for many years ahead

> worked on the ideas which formed the basis of the Zotov&Co concept all around Telychka (107 ha)

and formed the basis for the ideas of architectural residence during the festival Gogolfest "Quiet Move"

Also considering these achievements, the team of the previous workshop worked out the vision for the area development.

This year the three teams were engaged in three directions:

> software - the social aspect

This team’s approach involves the creation of communities on the site as one of main factors for the territory preferred progress.

> hardware - environment

This team has introduced a scheme of adaptive master plan and demonstrated one of the options of the step-by-step territory development. Adaptive planning approach is the only approach which can lead to the achievement of the goals in our unstable political, economic and social conditions.

> orgware - organization

This team proposed to create a platform that promotes the development of local communities and coordinates the development of the area using the adaptive planning.

In conclusion, Telychka is neither area nor business, but it is people, it is us who should work for a common goal. Only when we gather all the driving forces around the Telychka platform, CANactions School for Urban Studies, we can succeed.

Results and more information related to the topic:

The presentation of the teams can be foundhere


Interview with Viktor Zotov- the Workshop tutor

Interview with Theo Hauben- the Workshop curator

Results of the previous workshop






















Schedule and info about tickets

ADULT tickets for the festival you may buyonlineor at the entrance during the festival.

The adult ticket cost:

- Thursday, May 14th: 50 UAH

- Friday, May 15th: 50 UAH

- Saturday, May 16th (incl. the final party): 100 UAH

- all three days, My 14-16 (inc. the final party): 180 UAH

If you are a STUDENT, you may buy the ticket at the festival entrance only under condition of showing your student ID.

The student ticket cost:

- Thursday, May 14th: 35 UAH

- Friday, May 15th: 35 UAH

- Saturday, May 16th (incl. the final party): 80 UAH

- all three days, My 14-16 (inc. the final party): 130 UAH

The price inclueds the attendance of all the events,

except the childrenmaster-class

(the tickets you may buy at the festival entrance, рre-registration is required

For CHILDREN under 16 the entrance is free

Address: Art Cluster "Vidubichi" str. Engineering 7-B, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001
Nearest metro station: "Vydubichi" (5 minutes).




99% complete

The CANactions Festival finale, closing evening and night - is a big music event, 99% complete, that  combines two positions of attitude for the sound and the reaction to it.

99% complete - is almost the end, but at the same time is not.

this remaining 1 % defines the rest, It give the complete view to the form.

99% - is the hard work, rutine. 1% - is weekend, relaxation and pleasure.

the CANactions Festival finale, closing evening and night - is a big music event, 99% complete, that  combines two positions of attitude for the sound and the reaction to it.

This Festival Finale is the Architeture, that is cristalized into the sound.

the first part at 20:30 - is experimental. Three artists will share the stage:

Yevgen Vashchenko, Stanislav Bobrytsky, Maxim Verner

Yevgen Vashchenko (v4w.enko) creates sound and visual compositions, which are based on user application MAX MSP;

visual instrument of coding,

that is used to create interactive visual constructions and complex interactive environments.

pseudonymous v4w.enko Yevgen performs and develops algorithmic instruments, installations, sounds, objects, visual effects and images.

Stanislav Bobrytsky represents more abstract, and less describable side of mucis flows, and the development logic of his works goes from "structural" to " acoustical".

he plays multileyered noise, solo on patchy analogue zoo.

Droning synth swarm, controlled randomness of generative rhythms - and warm tube melodies in the spirit of retro futurism.

Maxim Verner uses analogue synths and sound modificators in his creations.

His sound mightbe either serious disturbngto the unprepared to experimental music ear, or pleasant and melodic, spellbinding creation with its own dramaturgy, ups and downs

His moto in music - noise, glitch and improvisation.

the second part, at 23:00 - is techno. But not the techno as utilitarian dry rhythm, techno - as a really capacious, deep, beautiful, viscous, absorbing and making move sound, that flows from one form into another. This part is presented by three musicians,composers of contemporary electro sceen:

Georgii Babansky (Komitet), Anton Degtyaryov (Quarkmonk) and Denis Voloshin (midi8).

the important part of 99% complete is visual program from TENPOINT - poets of VJing.

Curator: Alexander Dolgiy, ЭFIR studio.




14 травня об 11:00 відбудеться прес-конференція. арт-завод, вул. Інженерна 7в, м.Видубичі.

14 травня об 11:00 відбудеться прес-конференція. арт-завод, вул. Інженерна 7в, м.Видубичі. учасники:
- Віктор Зотов, архітектор, засновник Zotov&Co та CANactions;
- Зубко Геннадій Григорович, Віце-прем'єр-міністр, Міністр регіонального розвитку, будівництва та житлово-комунального господарства
- Кириленко В'ячеслав Анатолійович, Міністр культури України
Крістіан Шьоненбергер, Надзвичайний та Повноважний Посол Швейцарії в Україні
- Віталій Кличко, Голова Київської міської державної адміністрації
- Сергій Целовальник, Директор департаменту містобудування та архітектури, головний архітектор м. Києва
- Представник Європейського банку реконструкції та розвитку (EBRD)
- Ян Томбінський, Голова представництва Європейського Союзу в Україні
- Володимир Гусаков, Президент Національної спілки архітекторів
- Theo Hauben, Нідерланди, архітектор, урбаніст, тутор воркшопу "ТЕЛИЧКА- a place to сare";
- Christian Schoenenberger, Надзвичайний та Повноважний Посол Швейцарії в Україні
- Larisa Tsvetkova, Германія, архітектор;
- Christian Gigler, Австрія, містобудівник, дизайнер;
- Franz Denk, Австрія, архітектор, урбаніст, менеджер;
- художники, учасники візуальної програми:
Євген Чернишов, Жанна Кадирова, Олексій Сай, Олександр Долгий, Олексій Золотарьов, Юлія Бєляєва, Віктор Сидренко, Маша Золотова, Сергій Ковальов, Waldemart Klyuzko, Руслан Колмиков та ін.
акредитація на прес-конференцію та фестиваль обов'язкова. пишіть на або дзвоніть:
099 72 406 87



Mapping positive urban experience in Kiev!

Kyiv residents are local specialists of the city’s peculiarities. They can identify the unique places emotionally close to them, where they enjoy spending time, the hidden treasures of their city, or places which generally provoke kind interactions between fellow city dwellers. These are what we call ‘positive public places’

Kyiv residents are local specialists of the city’s peculiarities. They can identify the unique places emotionally close to them, where they enjoy spending time, the hidden treasures of their city, or places which generally provoke kind interactions between fellow city dwellers. These are what we call ‘positive public places’
Which places are the best for you to have a good time in Kyiv?
Where do you want to return?
What do you associate with pleasant memories in Kyiv?
We are interested how the Kyiv residents use the city public spaces.Tell us about your experience!

Wonder how community mapping looks like? Check out this video from a similar project in Budapest.




We received 173 projects and 134 were admitted for voting!

10 best projects:

SF1FDH - Kobets` Olena, specialist, KhNUBA, “Fire department in San Francisco”

093931 - Hotsko Sviatoslav, master, NU “Lviv Polytechnic”, “Formation of a network of public places

in the historical city on the example of Lviv”

121124 – Savits`kii Yurii, master, NU “Lviv Polytechnic”, “Architectural environment design of

central square in Chernivtsi”

190986 – Babienko Pavlo, master, ONABA, «HighLaneVerticalFarm»

27AJ15- Tiutiunnyk Artem, bachelor, KhNUBA, “Centre for development of personality in

“depressive” enviroment”

9krpk1-Kuripka Victoria, master, KhNUBA, «Сo-housing as the zone of influence on a depressive 


BAU000–Dodonov Artem, bachelor, KhNUBA, “Bauhaus museum in Dessau”

D09KGF- Kazakov Dmytro, bachelor, KNUBA, “Development concept of housing district in Astana,


K14SU1–Shchogoleva Vasylysa, master, KhNUBA, “Usage intensification of urban space:

microdistrict-524, pivnichna-1, Saltivka”

RMR17C - Pologova Mariia, bachelor, KhNUBA, “Restoration of the chambers of XVII-th century in

Moscow (Russia)”


We congratulate the winners!


The competition projects of finalists will be presented on 15th May on the territory of Artcluster 

Vydubychi (Inzhenerna Str, 7B)



Extreme Territories

This Thursday we are going to discuss international project "Extreme territories" France-Ukraine-Georgia, that is aimed on the analysis of cities as the political territories through the prism of perception of young artists.

During the presentation, the mentor Alevtina Kakhidze and Ukrainian participants of the project will share the experience of art cooperation in "extreme territories" and will tell more about the next step - exhibition in Batumi, Georgia in spring 2015


The initial idea of the project came up in autumn 2014 to the group of students from Rennes school of arts, who visited Kyiv after revolution. Afterwards, together with Georgian students in Tbilisi the project got its conceptual framework. Therefore, the students of 3 institution took part in this project: ÉESAB (Rennes, France), School of visual communication (Kyiv, Ukraine), Tbilisi state academy of arts TRAM (Tbilisi, Georgia)

"Extreme territories" of Kyiv and Tbilisi through the eyes of young artists with the different cultural perception can be seen now in art-gallery Closer.

We will share all the peculiarities of the cooperation and a lot more interesting details already this Thursday!


April 23, 2015

6.30 pm

House of Architect (Architectural Club room)

7, B.Grinchenko St. Kyiv, Ukraine

Attendance is free. Come and bring your friends!



Urban projects in favelas

This Thursday we will talk about favelas - a unique urban phenomenon which occurred during the evolution of Latin American cities - and ways of their modern development.

Sergiy Kovalyov - our lecturer - who worked in the architectural company 'Atelier Metropolitano' specializing in urban projects in favelas, will acquaint us with the term 'favela', illuminate for us their pros and cons.

"Exploration, designing, discussing with the customer and realization of projects is very complicated and consuming process and way too often - extremely dangerous. This projects have more risks than an ordinary one in a more prosperous areas and they differ completely from European ones" - in that way Sergiy characterizes an architect's position in designing in favelas. He will tell us why, despite all difficulties and problems, architects take such risks, what kind of unique experience he gained, while working on that project and how this experience can be used in many other parts of the world.

This and more will be discussed with Sergiy as early as this Thursday!


April 16, 2015

6.30 pm

House of Architect (Architectural Club room)

7, B.Grinchenko St. Kyiv, Ukraine

Attendance is free. Come and bring your friends!



This Thursday: Landscaping of the park of Partisan Glory. VOL.2

Landscaping of the park of Partisan Glory

This Thursday we'll continue our acquaintance with the finalists of the contest of the park of Partisan Glory landscaping and we'll be introduced some more concepts visions of the future of one of the largest green areas in Kharkivskiy array.


The concept of development,  presented by Parasol Studio, is based on the belief that "in creating a public area, must first pay attention neither to the modernity of the architectural solutions, nor to the originality of the entrance group, but  to the opportunities, which it gives to the visitors'.

The landscape designer Antonina Piskunova believes that  the environment  directly affects the people's minds. That's why we should grow up and live in as comfortable conditions as it is possible. Exactly so the idea of developing the park was created: a park for yourself, a place, where it would be interesting to spend time for every visitor.

A team AIMM-GROUP found their way to the solution of the landscaping problem in architectural design and they propose to solve urgent problems by local including of the architectural objects into the system of the park.

April 2, 2015 
6.30 pm

House of Architect (Architectural Club room)
7, B.Grinchenko St. Kyiv, Ukraine

Attendance is free. Come, bring your friends and join us in changing of our city!



This Thursday: Landscaping of the park of Partisan Glory is the public initiative with great expectations

This Thursday the finalists of the contest of the park of Partisan Glory landscaping will visit and acquaint us with their vision of Kharkivskiy array one of the largest green areas future development concepts.

How to make a park modern and comfortable? What users need today and how to solve current problems? How to build a successful interaction between activists and authorities?

Teams identified an answer to these and other issues in their projects "This is our forest!" and "MINI MEDIUM GRAND".


"This is our forest!" - A group of activists, led by Yuriy Pivovarenko, Irina Guziy and Natalia Shtefan are assure - "Just well established and mutually beneficial cooperation between people, civil services and companies could lead to the transformation of the park Partisan Glory park in the best in Kyiv."

Project "MINI MEDIUM GRAND" presented by Mariya Kolodyazhna and Bozhko Olena demonstrates three stages of the park space development in the key of user's needs, particularities and requirements.


April 2, 2015
Kyiv, B.Grinchenko Str, 7
House of Architect (Architectural Club building)
Admission is free
Come, bring your friends and join us to change our city together!



Squats. New life of an old place.

This Thursday we will talk about squats. How do artists and activists change the space around them, form new social environments and affect the rhythm of life of the city? 

If the country is not fulfilling its social and cultural functions and just keeps watching the abandoned territories for years, how is it possible to implement legal schemes and transfer the right for changes to the cultural intelligentsia? 


Matilda, an organizer of the squatting process, will tell about scandalous transfer of the Gorky House on Nyvky for the further construction. 

A talk about an existing squat on Podil and how its social and cultural initiators created their own community will be hold by: 
Olexandra Dydko, SQUAT family,
Olexandr Dolhiy, EFIR studio,
Jan Holub, BeTV

March, 26, 2015, 
6.30 pm
House of the Architect (Architectural club room)
7, B.Grinchenka St. Kyiv, Ukraine

Attendance is free. Come and bring your friends!