April 24 Workshop

04.24.2012, 18:00 Round tables discussion



During the workshop the teams of architects and the interdisciplinary “City” team perform different roles: architects act as contractors, "City" acts as customers. While the purpose of the teams of architects is to create alternative projects for development of the Kontraktova Square, the role of the “City" team is to generate mechanisms for engagement of the square's community into the urban development process, as well as to develop a model and rules for the formulation of technical specifications by the residents to urban planners – teams of architects in this case.

On April 24 the first meeting of project teams was held. At the meeting that was led by Tutors three architectural teams and the group "The City" introduced theirs first vision of problems of Kontraktova Square in Kiev. On that day workshop participants got acquainted with the site design for excursions and analyzed the state of public space, transport and pedestrian routes, identification of Kontraktova Square. 
"Kontraktova square: DUTCH METHOD" Team 1 (Tutor Jeroen de Willigen / De Zwarte Hond / The Netherlands) introduced the "Dutch method of design." Architects analyzed the area as a place that is used by various groups in business, student environment, tourists and city residents. Also, their analysis considered ​​transport infrastructure and monuments that make up her ensemble. "This day - the day of questions, we deliberately did not seek answers," - said in the report of team member Pablo Forero. 
"Kontraktova square: Restart." Team 2 (Tutor Igor Marko / Form Associates / UK) started work on identifying the search area within Podil territory and Podil in the context of the city. Then the team analyzed the situation of Kontraktova area and identified the symbol of the modern state - a maze that is surrounded by cars. Team identified the main users of the area: visitors, students, religious communities, tourists who use the area for different purposes and means of movement of it. Also, 2nd team analyzed the presence and condition of green spaces on Kontraktova area, the number of cars. The area today is not a complete formation. The main conclusion of the team: "Today was an analytical day. We understood that at first we need to clean the area to see its positive aspects," - said the report team member Wouter Roojakers. 
"Kontraktova as for today - IS NOT A SQUARE." Team 3 (Tutor Hulian Restrepo / Taller 301 / Colombia) reviewed the area as an empty place to gather community and concluded that Kontraktova currently is not a square: 50% of the design site is occupied by cars. For movement through the square pedestrians use only 9 routes, most of which are simply dangerous. 1.4% of the area occupied by kiosks that visually and functionally destroy the space of about one third of Kontraktova area. "At the moment the area is perceived as a place for parking" - the Tutors Team Julian Restrepo. 
Curator of workshop Paskariu Gabriel said that as a result of the first day of the project seminar there were produced three different design methods for solving the problem, indicating the richness of this area. 
"We demand INTERACTION" Group CITY, whose main task was the role of "customer process" emphasized that during the process there was not enough interaction with the architectural teams, reflecting the real problems of coexistence between the community and professional environment in city. Examining the concept of "public space" and groups that use the area, a group of City requires more interaction and cooperation with the architects. 
Date of announcement of results: 04.28.2012, 12:10


01.04.2016– 29.04.2016


We are happy to announce Ivan Honchar Museum as the theme and the location of the Place Making & Building Transformation workshop. 

CURATOR:Theo Hauben / HAU|Hauben architecture & urbanism / the Netherlands


This workshop is about the publicness of space in Kiev. Rather than focusing on the physical properties of public spaces, this workshop will scrutinize public space uses and the functions they hold in the lives of the citizens.

More info and the application process:http://festival.canactions.com/…/canaction…/workshop/5/about



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20.03.2016– 21.05.2016

CANactions 2016

Subject of the CANactions 2016: 


Dates of CANactions 2016:

May 19-21

Curator of the IAF CANactions 2016:

Theo Hauben / HAU / the Netherlands

10.03.2016– 24.04.2016


GEBERIT with CANactions invites young architects and designers to contribute to the development of sustainable public street toilets for Ukrainian cities within STREET GEBERIT: Всеукраїнський конкурс (March 10, 2016 - April 21, 2016)

The need for sanitation in urban areas is obvious. Inappropriate sanitation can be damaging to human health and the environment. Especially in urban areas, where public toilets are more common.
Innovative design improvements in public toilets and new ways of recycling will help governments and their partners to meet the enormous challenge of providing quality services to public sanitation.

Organizer: GEBERIT - The European leader in the field of sanitary products.

Co-organizer: CANactions - interdisciplinary urban research platform.

Partners: Zhytomyr City Council.

First place - 30 000 UAH and the realisation of the project
Second place - 15 000 UAH
Third place - 7000 UAH
Audience Award - 5000 UAH

Who can participate:

The competition is open to persons under 35 years, who are citizens of Ukraine, from students to skilled architects and designers.

More information  THERE


29.02.2016– 21.05.2016


Competition will take place for the ninth time in a frame of the International Architectural Festival CANactions 2016.

Applications for can be submitted from February 29 till April 13 23:59 (Kyiv time).

The competition is open for:

• students and graduates of Architectural departments of Ukrainian institutions of higher education, specialization - Architecture

• age restriction - up to 35 years, inclusively

• Bachelor's degree is necessary

• number of projects from one author is not limited

• the theme of projects is not limited

• individual membership or stuff is permitted

Among the awards are:

- the opportunity to study in DIA (Dessau Institute of Architecture) to get Master Degree - Germany,

- participation in workshops EASA - Lithuania

- participation in workshop Hello Wood 2016- Hungary.


- to fill the application form

- to send the project by e-mail: competition.canactions@gmail.com

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11.11.2015– 03.01.2016

CANactions School for Urban Studies launches an international open call for STUDIO #2

Among our students we would like to see talented and ambitious agents of change who are ready to initiate urban projects and implement real transformations in Ukrainian cities. The topic of the STUDIO #2 is ‘Tackling the Future of Ukrainian (Post)industrial Cities’

Theme:Tackling the Future of Ukrainian (Post)industrial Cities

Dates:February 15 – May 21, 2016

Curator:Urs Thomann, CH

Tuition fee:11 800 UAH

Application deadline:January 3, 2016

Do (post)industrial cities of Ukraine have a future?Have they truly become post- or do they still remain industrial?How to take a step forward from a utopian Soviet past to a contemporary city without the utopian pretense?

The STUDIO #2 participants will be working on finding answers to these questions and raising new ones through developing strategic scenarios and tactical proposals for Kramatorsk – an Eastern Ukrainian city which has been chosen for our case study.

The students will get an opportunity to present their results at the annual CANactions International Architecture Festival in May, 2016.

Want to apply? Read more on our website:




You have one more chance to become a member of first urban school in Ukraine CANactions School for Urban Studies: Studio#1.

By popular demand, we continue to accept applications until 10 August 2015



28 липня о 20:00 архітектор Віктор Зотов прочитає лекцію про урбаністику, а також разом із командою фестивалю презентує CANactions School for Urban Studies: Open call for Studio #1

А після заходу сонця розпочнеться кінопоказ «Берлін – симфонія великого міста» (1927).


21.07.2015– 10.08.2015

Win a GRANT!

First in Ukraine urban school declares accepting applications for grant in CANactions School for Urban Studies Studio#1.

We will give a grant to study free for citizens of Ukraine, who have experience of successful social projects and seek to join team, which will develop strategy for one of the cities in Ukraine.


(must contain personal details, education, level of English, and also your experince in urban projects, participation in social and cultural projects, workshops, master-classes, educational programs etc.)

Motivation letter

should describe why exactly you want to win a grant and become Studio#1 participant, your vision of professional activities after the graduation from Studio#1


must contain examples of your design, architectural or urban projects, extracts from your written reports, publications, research and analytical work etc. Portfolio have to contain up to 5 projects, no more than 10 pages overall, and should not exceed 20 MB. Each project must be signed with title, year, explanation, significance and amount of work the candidate has conducted for the project.

Scan-copy of passport

Scan-copy of University Diploma. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's degree

The application deadline is August 10, 2015.

The required documents must be sent via e-mail: stud.canactions@gmail.com

More details: http://school.canactions.com/